What if you Could Finally Take Your Career From Hopeless to Happening?
You have a BIG DREAM.

You have TALENT.

You took a leap of faith by 
moving to Los Angeles.
And now you're sick of it being so damn hard to be successful in Hollywood.
Let's be honest: you had a feeling it would be tough. But you had no idea it was going to be this agonizing.
You put yourself out there.

You do all the things you think you're supposed to do.

But some days it feels like you're not moving forward AT ALL.
It feels like Hollywood is set up to make you fail.

Am I right?!
It feels like you moved to LA to struggle.

Because that's what you do most of your time: struggle with 
getting to the next level, struggle with money, struggle to find your 
place in a sea of millions of hopefuls.
And the worst is when you have to update your friends and family on what you're doing—because you're not really doing anything. #soembarrassed
Your days are like riding the worst roller coaster ever: one moment you're riding high, so excited about a new possibility! The next, you're hiding under the covers and slipping into a mini depression.
why on earth didn't anybody teach us about rejection??
#worstthingever #trytoplayitcool
And how much longer do you have to be stuck in this soul-sucking day job?

I mean, you have a TALENT! And it's being WASTED!!
I get it, because I've been there. it was the worst 9 months of my freaking life.
I cried every day. I asked the universe why I was being punished.
I thought, "Maybe I'm not meant for this..."

And then I hit a wall. Nine months was TOO DAMN LONG!!

I finally felt like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I am making this happen no matter what. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Just get me out of this black hole and into success, please!

I asked for help, and my entire world changed. I booked, "Glee", and then 26 freaking TV shows over the next 9 years. #HELLYES!!
And let me tell you, when you're finally doing what you've been dreaming of...
life is so effing incredible!!!
Imagine going to work every day with butterflies in your stomach.

Imagine getting a steady paycheck every single week.

Imagine being SO EXCITED to tell people what you're working on.
how would it feel to say goodbye to all of the stress, and the ugly cries, and the struggle?
I can tell you from experience, it's the greatest gift I've ever been given in my life.
It's TIME for you to transform your career.

Because you CAN.

And because YOU DESERVE IT.
Hollywood Success Secrets
Take Your Career From Hopeless to Happening
An 8-Week Course that shows you how to implement STRATEGY so you can 
start seeing results in your Hollywood career immediately.
I'm so tired of watching people struggle. It's actually quite easy to turn things around—it just takes a few tweaks to mindset, strategy, and actions. Once you make those tweaks, you're golden! The opportunities will start flooding in.
The 8 Week Course: 
Hollywood Success Secrets
Value: $2,997
Module 1: How to Turn Your Hollywood Dreams into Strategic Goals  
Because most people say "I want to be an actor" and think that's a goal. Hint: it's not! You need to get strategic about what you want to happen.
Module 2: How to Clear All 6 Obstacles FOREVER That Are Blocking You From Success
Because EVERYONE has these blocks and doesn't realize it. Without realizing it, these blocks keep you stuck for a really long time (a.k.a. forever).
Module 3: How to Create a Brand New Strategy That Will Get You to the Next Level
Because when you don't have a strategy, it's like shooting a bow and arrow and having no idea where your target is. THAT'S why it takes forever to see results.
Module 4: How to Take Consistent, Uncomfortable, Inspired Actions To Build Momentum and Achieve Your Goal
Because you need to be taking action every damn day if you want this dream to come true. And you don't want to waste your time doing the WRONG actions.
Hollywood Success Secrets action guide
This is the guide that will transform your career. It shows you exactly what actions to take after every lesson for MAXIMUM results.

Value: $197
the ultimate guide to making connections in hollywood
Success in Hollywood is heavily based on who you know. But it's not just about making ANY connections, it's about making STRATEGIC connections. This guide (an entirely separate course you're getting for FREE!) walks you through step-by-step how to make valuable connections.  Value: $297
PRIVATE facebook group
Accountability is a game changer when you're trying to make your goals happen. Use this group to post your goals and be held accountable for achieving them. You'll also have instant support.

Value: $500
strategy vault: 9 recorded strategy sessions
A new habit takes 30-60 days to form. This Strategy Vault provides you with everything you need to form those new habits that a successful person has.

Bonus: they are all downloadable, so you can take them in the car, the gym, anywhere you go!

Value: $500
When you join, you get instant access to everything.
Cara Cute Rosenbaum, who recently won an Emmy for casting The People vs. OJ Simpson, sat down with me and answered EVERY question about casting. When you join now, you'll get this amazing call for FREE!

Value: Priceless!
BONUS #2: A half hour coaching session with erica!
Get all of your personal questions answered, and a clear strategy in place so you can start seeing results immediately! This is only for the first 12 people who sign up.

Value: $550
This entire course has a value of $5,188.
You can get this today for only $248 (normally $497)
Auditioning every week became my new normal.
Before changing her mindset and strategy, Emily only booked ONE audition in her entire first year in LA. Now, auditioning ever week is her new normal!
what do you want your new normal to be?
time to make it happen.
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